STAR TREK: THE CATTLEMEN (1973 Film proposal)

Unproduced fantasy, science fiction and horror films, TV shows and episodes…


The first proposed Star Trek film.


Star Trek (the original series) went for three seasons from 1966 – 1969.  Retelling the adventures of the starship Enterprise, it continued to be popular after its cancellation leading to an interest in turning the series into a film.


Gene Roddenberry decided to use an idea from the original pitch for Star Trek (the original series).  The episode idea “A Question of Cannibalism”  saw the crew discover that the settlers on Regulus are raising sentient beings as cattle.


Paramount liked the idea, but they didn’t think that the script “did not foreshadow an enjoyable night at the movies” and Roddenberry left the project when he felt he wasn’t offered enough money for the rewrite.


1973 saw the start of Star Trek (the animated series), another attempt was made in 1975 create a Star Trek film (including The God Thing) and a new series (“Phase II“) in 1977, until the eventual release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979.

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