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Assignment Earth

Season 2 of the original series of Star Trek ended with the episode “Assignment: Earth” backdoor pilot for a spin-off series.

Gene Roddenberry with wife Majel

Gene Roddenberry with wife Majel


  • In 1966, Gene Roddenberry worked on the idea for a new series called Assignment: Earth.


Gary Seven

Gary Seven


  • Gary Seven is the first man to survive being sent back to 1960 from the 24th Century.  He teams up with 20 year old Roberta Hornblower against Omegan agents: Harth and Isis.
  • In 1967, it was proposed as a series spinning-off from Star Trek.


Star Trek -AssignmentEarth

Backdoor Pilot


  • Art Wallace pitched a similar idea to Paramount who put him in touch with Roddenberry, leading to Wallace writing the episode “Assignment: Earth” as the season to final of Star Trek.


Roberta & Isis


  • On a seemingly random mission to the 1960s, the Enterprise intercepts a ultra long distance teleport – longer than even their 24th Century can achieve.  The beam contains Gary Seven and his black cat, Isis.  Seven recognises them as being from Earth’s future and tells them that he is from the 60s, sent by aliens to save Earth from it’s impending destruction.  Seven saves the Earth and picks up sidekick Roberta Lincoln.

Gary Seven (2)


  • In 1974 a pilot by Gene Roddenberry and Gene L Coon called “The Questor Tapes” was made, but never went to series.  In it Questor is one of a long line of androids created by the “Masters” to help mankind.
  • Gary Seven appeared in the novel Star Trek: Assignment: Eternity, first two books of the Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars trilogy “The Rise and Fall of Kahn Noonien Signh” (volume 1 & 2) all by Greg Cox.
  • Gary Seven appeared in 4 issues of DC Comic’s Star Trek comic books: Star Trek (vol 2) #49 & 50, Star Trek Annual #6 (Convergence #1 ) and Star Trek: The Next Generation Annual #6 (Convergence #2).  All four issues are collected in IDW’s Star Trek: Archives, Vol. 3: The Gary Seven Collection.
  • In … IDW released the six issue comic book mini-series “Assignment: Earth” created as a “what-if” as if the TV series had been made.

~ DUG.

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