Superman: Flyby (McG)

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Meanwhile… on Krypton.

 The ongoing saga of the creation of a new Superman film.


JJ Abrams


  • In 2002, JJ Abrams had written a script for Superman: Flyby, but Brett Ratner backed out of the project and McG was hired.
Academy of Arts and Sciences Present the "OC Revealed

Josh Schwartz


  • McG brought Josh Schwartz (“The OC”) on to the project to fix Abram’s script.
  • Ratner envisioned filming a trilogy.
  • Josh Hartnell was offered $100,000 to star in a trilogy of Superman films.


  • Superman – Josh Hartnett (Henry Cavill was said to be next in line for part)
  • Lex Luthor – Robert Downey Jr.



  • In 2004, Warner Bros insisted the film be made in Australia, saving $25 million.
  • McG left the project to make the sequel Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.  Although he claimed “it was inappropriate to try to capture the heart of America on another continent” McG later admitted that it was his fear of flying that made him leave the film.


  • Abrams tried to replace McG to director his script, but instead they went with Bryan Singer and his Superman Returns project.

~ DUG.


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