Superman: Flyby (Brett Ratner)

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Superman: Flyby was JJ Abrams’ attempt to make a Superman film..


  • In the years after the failure of Superman VI: The Quest for Peace, many attempts were made to make a new Superman film, including Superman Lives a movie Tim Burton was paid a lot of money not to make.
  • JJ Abrams, co-creator of the TV series Felicity was tapped to do a script for a Superman film.

JJ Abrams


  • In July 2002, Abrams submitted a script and in September Brett Ratner was hired to direct.
  •  Although an unknown was the best choice actors Josh Hartnett, Jude Law, Paul Walker and Brendan Fraser were approached and David Boreanaz, Victor Webster, Henry Cavill and Ashton Kutcher auditioned.  Kerri Russell and Amy Adams auditioned for the part of Lois Lane and …

Henry Cavill screen test.


  • Realising that the powerful child they found would be able to kill them Jonathan and Martha Kent bring Clark up as an emotionally stunted child who hates his own powers.  Large things attack Metropolis and he becomes Superman, dies, meets his father in Kryptonian heaven and kills his cousin Ty-Zor.
  • In an early version of the script Lex Luthor is a government agent and secretly from Krypton, too.
  • A PDF of the script is available online.

A “Rouser” or giant robot turtle ostrich.


  • With the budget for Superman: Flyby exceeding $200 million (not including the cost of the previous failed productions)
  • Ratner left the project in March 2003, citing production delays and conflict with Jon Peters.

Brett Ratner


  • Abrams returned to television, created a show called Lost and went on to do other movies and TV shows.
  • Brett Ratner would eventually direct the third X-Men film when Bryan Singer left the project to make Superman Returns.
  • The reigns of making the new Superman movie was handed over to director “McG” hot of the success of his directorial debut Charlie’s Angels and the sequel Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle signed on for Flyby.

~ DUG.


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