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A couple of attempts to turn Paul Chadwick’s comic Concrete from Dark Horse into a film have been made.


  • Paul Chadwick’s Concrete first appeared in Dark Horse Presents #1 (July

    Dark Horse Presents #1

    1986), the story of a political speech writer who has his brain transplanted into a stone body by aliens.  Rather than becoming a superhero, Concrete was about the character’s struggle to live a normal life in his new body.   He appeared in along with appearances in Dark Horse Presents, other anthologies and his own mini-series.

  • In 1990, Dark Horse Comics spun off a movie arm Dark Horse Entertainment, which produced The Mask and were looking at adapting TimeCop, both released in 1994.



Paul Chadwick

Paul Chadwick

  • By 1992, Chadwick began working with scriptwriter Larry Wilson (Beetlejuice (1988), Addams Family (1991) and episodes of Tales From the Crypt) on a script.  Wilson called it his dream project, having been a fan of the comics for years.
  • Chadwick later worked on his own script for the project.
  • Later Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh wrote their own script for it.



  • Chadwick noted: “There’s a conventional antagonist, and he gets killed real good. Standard Hollywood storytelling, that, but not in the Concrete spirit.”Concrete



  • Chadwick says that the success of 1999’s The Blair Witch Project lead to the studio cancelling the project, because of “the sudden mass delusion that Hollywood could dispense with costly visual effects and stars.”
  • In a text piece in 2005’s Concrete: The Human Dilemma #4 Chadwick said that Jackson and Walsh were no longer attached to the project.


Concrete: Strange Armor #1

Concrete: Strange Armor #1


  • Chadwick used his rescript, influenced by Wilson, as the Concrete mini-series Concrete: Strange Armor which revised the character’s origins, which was published as a 5 part mini-series in 1997.

~ DUG.


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