RoboCop 2 (Frank Miller)

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One of the unused scripts for RoboCop 2 was by comic book writer Frank Miller.


Edward Nuemeier, who came up with the idea for RoboCop and co-wrote the script had a first draft written but dropped out due to the 1988 writer’s strike.  Meanwhile, the success of Frank Miller’s 1986 comic book mini-series “The Dark Knight Returns” had brought him to Hollywood’s attention.


Frank Miller’s script was deemed “unfilmable” and his script was rewritten by Walon Green.


Miller remained on set during production and even appeared in the film as Frank the Chemist.

Avatar Press’s publisher William Christensen got hold of Miller’s unused script aFrank-Miller-in-Robocopnd the rights to publish RoboCop comics.  Miller was to write an uncensored comic book adaptation of his script, but scheduling issues lead Steven Grant write in under his supervision.  The result – combining Miller’s script with his RoboCop 3 ideas – was released as the 9 issue mini-series, Frank Miller’s RoboCop.

~ DUG.



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