Superman: The New Movie

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The second attempt at Superman V


After Canon went bankrupt in 1990, taking their low-budget Superman V with them, the Salkinds who did the first three Superman films, the Supergirl spin-off and Superboy TV series.  Attempted to do their own sequel, variously called Superman V, Superman: The Movie and Superman: Reborn.



Ilya Salkind and Superboy series writers Cary Bate and Mark Jones wrote a new script.  Salkind says he convinced Christopher Reeve to return.



The plot involved Brainiac seemingly destroying Superman and his rebirth in the bottled city of Kandor.  Brainiac then spends much of the film trying to court Lois, while Superman tries to get his powers back and escape Kandor.  [Script]



Salkind says that the success of Batman (1989) lead to Warner Bros putting pressure on the stop the film, including a lawsuit.  Eventually Salkind’s Superman film and his Superboy series were cancelled and Warner’s Lois & Clark series premiered in 1993.



The Salkinds lost the rights to Superman, and Warner Bros put Superman into the hands of producer Jon Peters, leading to Jonathan Lemkin’s 1995 Superman: Reborn.  Salkind moved onto Christopher Columbus: The Discovery.

DC comics would have their own unrelated death of Superman story in 1992.

~ DUG.



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