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I know I said in the introduction to this blog that speculating on what would or wouldn’t have been a good series or what was or wasn’t good that it was never made is foolhardy.  But it’s impossible not to, so here’s 10 shows listed on this site and the chance to rank them as to whether you think they should – or shouldn’t – have been made.

  1. Star Trek (Original Pitch – USS Yorktown under Capt April)
  2. Genesis II (Gene Roddenberry’s Dylan Hunt/Pax attempt 1)
  3. Star Trek: Phase II.
  4. Troubleshooters.
  5. Dr. Who (Human from the future)
  6. Planet Earth (Gene Roddenberry’s Dylan Hunt/Pax attempt 2)
  7. Strange New World (Pax attempt 3)
  8. Battleground: Earth.
  9. Starship.
  10. K-9 & Company.


Rank the series:

~ DUG.



  1. I find myself uncomfortable ranking assorted ‘what ifs’ against each other, preferring instead to consider each on its own merits. That said, ‘Star Trek: Phase II’ is arguably the greatest loss, as (thanks to the Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens book) we have a very good idea what this series could’ve been like, and a number of the proposed scripts sounded excellent.

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