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K9 & Company

An attempted Doctor Who spin-off.

In 1981 a K-9 & Company Christmas Special called “A Girl & Her Dog” was shown, a pilot for a TV series that never eventuated.


The original Doctor Who series began in 1963.  In 1973 a new companion for the Third Doctor was introduced, Sarah Jane Smith (played by Elisabeth Sladen).  She stayed with the show until 1976, leaving during the Fourth Doctor’s tenure.   The following year, K-9 a robotic dog was added as a new companion.  The first K-9 left with then companion Leela, and a second “K-9 Mark II” replaced it.

In 1981, the then companion Romana left taking the second K-9 with her and a couple of stories later, the Fourth Doctor himself left.  When planning for the change from the Fourth to Fifth Doctor, the producer John Nathan-Turner decided they needed some continuity was needed to keep fans and he approached Sladen about returning.  She declined and a character called Tegan was created as a new companion as well as a previous one-off character called Nyssa being asked to return.

Instead, a spin-off series was created for Sladen.


Reporter Sarah Jane Smith investigates mysterious circumstances with K-9 Mark III a robot companion given to her by the Doctor.


In the 1983 20th Anniversary Special, The Five Doctors, Sarah Jane is shown to still be have K-9 Mark III before being kidnapped.

In the second series of the new Doctor Who, an episode called “School Reunion” features the return of the Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 Mark III and led into a Sarah Jane Smith spin-off called The Sarah Jane Adventures about Sarah Jane investigating mysterious happening.  K-9 appeared irregularly due to ownership issues.

The owner of the rights to K-9 tried for many years to get a K-9 series created, eventually achieving one (based on K-9 Mark I returning to Earth and being remade to look completely different) at about the same time as the Sarah Jane Adventures.

~ DUG.


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