Aliens vs Predator

Looking at unmade science fiction, fantasy, horror and superhero films, television shows and episodes.


A spec script based on the comic book that didn’t lead anywhere but inspired the AvP films.


Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979) and its followed up James Cameron’s Aliens (1986)  were a success, but the third film in the franchise David Fincher’s Alien³ (1992) wasn’t and producers were looking for a way to revive the franchise.

John Tiernan’s Predator (1987) was a success but the 1990 follow-up Predator 2 by Stephen Hopkins wasn’t and once again the producers were after a way to revive that franchise.

Meanwhile comic book publisher Dark Horse had the comic book rights to both 20th Century Fox franchises and had in 1989 started a crossover story by Randy Stradley, Chris Warner, and Phill Norwood, and serialised in their anthology series Dark Horse Presents.


In the UK, Peter Briggs adapted (without credit) the comic book story into a script which he pitched to Fox in 1991.  By September 1991 (with Alien³ in still in post-production) Brigg’s 4th draft (the 3rd under contract with Fox) was submitted.  Although the original script was stolen from the Dark Horse script, Briggs contends that each draft moved further and further away from it.


Colonists on the planet Ryishu are unaware that the planet is used by Predators for their initiation ceremony, infecting the cattle-like rynth (which the humans are farming) with the aliens from the Alien films to teach their young to hunt.

Brigg’s later drafts added a Predator/Alien hybrid and a holographic swordsman programme and took place on a deep space exploration vessel.


Alien franchise producer David Giler resisted the idea, preferring finding some way to bring Ripley (killed in Alien³) back.  Sigourney Weaver who started as Ripley hated the Aliens vs Predator idea and wanted nothing to do with it.  Instead, Alien: Resurrection was put into and released in 1999, but it also failed.

When director Paul W S Anderson was brought on to the project a new draft by James DeMonaco and Kevin Fox, again, based on the original comic was scraped, replaced with a one page rewrite by Anderson.


Briggs went on to script 2004’s Hellboy.

2004 also new version of a Aliens vs Predator was released the same year, sharing some of the ideas from the original comic, but this time set on Earth.

~ DUG.


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