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Superman V - Variety Ad

Despite Superman VI: The Quest for Peace‘s lack of success and a drain on makers resources, Superman V was in production in 1988.


After the mixed reaction to Superman III and the box office failure of Supergirl, Superman producers Ilya and Alexander Salkind decided that the films had run their course and allowed the Canon Group to pick up the option for Superman IV.

Due to having too many projects going Canon cut the budget of Superman VI: The Quest for Peace from $35 million to $17 million and cut 45 minutes of footage after a test screening.  The film released failed at the box office.


Pre-production on the film was announced in Variety and famed director of cheap movies Albert Pyun was linked to the film as director.

Canon saw the 45 minutes of footage cut from Superman VI as the film being already half completed and paid for and the unused footage would be used in the new film.  Notable footage cut from Superman VI  included:

  • A Bizzaro-like version of Nuclear Man created by Lex Luthor before the one that appeared in the released film but destroyed in a fight with Superman.
  • More of the Clark Kent/Lacy Warfield relationship.

Many question how footage so specific and repetitive of the previous film work have worked in a new film.



Cannon went bankrupt in 1990, and the Superman rights reverted back to Ilya and Alexander Salkind who went to work on a script for Superman: Reborn.

~ DUG.



  1. huh… it does sound like the 45 minutes MIGHT have been good, or at least better than what was left in the movie, or it might have been just more poor special effects and bad writing… Not sure how it could have made a sequel with a lesser villain than the previous film??? (as I understand it, the ‘bizarro’ nuclear man would have been a prototype of the actual nuclear man?)

    • Well, yeah, the Lacy/Kent relationship was the only bit of the “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace” I actually liked and Bizarro Superman does sound cooler than Nuclear Man and it was probably a timing/pacing cut rather than a quality cut.
      But the repetitiveness and the fact they were going for a cheapie director didn’t bode well.

      • Whilst Bizarro Superman might sound cooler than Nuclear Man, I’ve actually seen said footage (can’t recall if it was online or as a DVD extra) and it was probably the right decision to cut it. BTW, there’s an excellent mash-up of Superman IV and the Sandra Bullock movie ‘Gravity’ that’s well worth looking for online – just make sure you watch it to the end!

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