Gene Roddenberry’s BATTLEGROUND: EARTH

Looking at unmade science fiction, fantasy, horror and superhero films, television shows and episodes.


An unmade Gene Roddenberry series later reworked.

In 1977 proposed an idea for a series called Battleground: Earth, about Earth controlled by aliens and a growing resistance.

Battleground Earth


Gene Roddenberry was the guy who did Star Trek and a couple of failed pilots previously covered in this blog, so he was clearly a guy interested in making science fiction series.  But science fiction is expensive, so he considered a way to make a science fiction series in a more down to earth setting.


Three years ago an alien race came to Earth and brought an end to war, hunger and disease, but now they run things and some people are growing to be unhappy about it.


Brian McKay wrote a pilot script based on Gene Roddenberry’s idea.  The second draft from July 1978 is available here.


Tom Selleck was considered for a lead role and a call was put out for ten more scripts when CBS shut down production, because the show was “too realistic, too frightening.”


After Gene Roddenberry’s death in 1991 his wife Majel revived the idea and it went on to become as Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: The Final Conflict (so not as to confuse it with L Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth) which ran from 1997 – 2002.

~ DUG.



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