STRANGE NEW WORLD (Failed 1975 Pilot)

There are a lot of unmade films, television shows and episodes out there.


Post-apocalyptic Earth and the organisation Pax appeared in 1973’s Genesis II and 1974’s Planet Earth and finally in 1975’s Strange New World.


After Warner Brothers and Gene Roddenberry’s two series about the late 70s’ scientist  Dylan Hunt’s experiments with suspended animation who is awoken up in a post-apocalyptic future by a group called Pax were not picked up Gene left the project.  Warner Brothers, however, were not done with the idea tried to get the ABC (who had passed on Planet Earth which stared John Saxon as ) to pick up a new series called Strange New World.


Capt Anthony Vico, Dr Alison Crowley and Dr William Scott are experimenting with suspended animation on the Pax space laboratory orbiting the Earth when a group of giant asteroids head towards the Earth.   Mission control on Earth saved the lab by changing its course and extending their suspended animation by 180 years.  Meanwhile their family and friends entered the Pax HQ’s underground suspended animation chamber.  When the crew awoke they return to Earth and attempt to refind Pax and wake their sleeping loved ones.


After a prologue describing the concept, the movie length pilot tells two stories (presumably planned episodes for Genesis II or Planet Earth adapted to the new premise.)

  • A utopic city of seemingly immortals with a dark secret.
  • Capture by primative forest dwelling tribe.GR PAX Hunt

CANCELLATION Once again the series was not picked up by the ABC.

LEGACY Unlike the previous attempts, this series has no direct legacy, however, similar episodes have appeared on other shows.

~ DUG.




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