Kevin Smith’s GREEN HORNET

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In February 2004 Kevin Smith was hired to write and direct a Green Hornet by Miramax president Harvey Weinstein.   In March, Smith approached Jake Gyllenhaal.


When Britt Reid, the Green Hornet, is killed by the Black Hornet, it is up to his celebutante son to take over the role.


In February 2006, Smith’s official website announced that he was no longer connected with the project.


In 2007 Seth Rogan became attached to the project, leading to the 2011 film.

In 2009 Dynamite Entertainment gained the licence for the Green Hornet comic book and approached Smith to write a story arc, but was busy and suggested they adapt his unused script instead.  It became the first ten issues of their 2010 Green Hornet series.

~ DUG.

Green Hornet



  1. I think Smith mentioned it on one of his “An Evening With Kevin Smith” DVDs. Since then there’s the comic. His Bionic Man script was also turned into a comic, but that’s a story for another day.

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