THE STAR WARS (1974 Rough Draft)

Looking at unmade science fiction, fantasy, horror and superhero films, television shows and episodes. You know Star Wars, but do you know the Star Wars that was never made?

Unmade Death Star

With Twentieth Century Fox accepting Lucas’s treatment in July 1973, Lucas got to work on the script.


When Deak Skykiller is killed by Sith, his brother, Annikin, and their father, Kane. leave the seclusion of the fourth moon of Utapau to return home to Aquilae to escape the Empire, not knowing that Aquilae is the Empire’s next target.

Once there Kane meets up with an old friend and Jedi, General Luke Skywalker.  Kane reveals that due to his cybernetic enhancements (only his head and arm remain) he cannot train Annikin and Luke takes him on as his padawaan while Kane meets up with the reptilian Han Solo.  When Aquilaen Princess Leia is kidnapped by the Empire in an attempt to create a puppet government our heroes set out to free her.



Online copy.



Jundland, or “no man’s land,” where the rugged desert mesas meet the
foreboding dune sea. The two helpless astro robots kick up clouds of dust as
they clumsily work their way across the desert coastline. The short Artwo
struggles desperately to keep up with the long-legged Threepio.

It’s not possible. We’re not built for this. You’re nothing more than a dim-
witted, emotion-brained intellectual. Why you were created is beyond my logic
systems. Thanks to you, we’re deserters, and will probably be destroyed on
sight. And on top of that, you’re going the wrong way! All this filth is

The towering Threepio stops short and turns on the blabbering mechanical runt.

I’ve had enough of you, you pragmatic, nearsighted scrap pile. You go your
own way.

He picks up the tiny robot and tosses him several feet into a large sand dune.

Threepio starts off in the direction of the dune sea. Artwo struggles to his
feet, and shakes a metallic claw arm at his disappearing ex-partner.

You’ll be malfunctioning within a day. You’re going the wrong way, but your
way is always the wrong way.

Threepio stops and yells to the smaller android.

And don’t let me catch you following me, begging for help, because you won’t
get it from me.

Artwo’s reply is a rather rude sound, which only an electronic person could
make. He turns and trudges off in the opposite direction into the rocky
desert mesas.


Threepio, hot and tired, struggles up over the ridge of a dune, only to find
more dunes, which seem to go on for endless miles. He looks back in the
direction he came.

You little malfunctioning twerp. This is all your fault. You tricked me into
going this way, but you’ll do no better!

He sits in a huff of anger and frustration, knocking the sand from his joints.



  • The Rough Draft was replaced a few months later by the First Draft, with mostly cosmetic changes and then replaced by Adventures of the Starkiller, Episode I: The Star Wars.

The Star Wars

  • Starting September 2013, Dark Horse began an 8 part adaptation of Lucas’s drafts entitled “The Star Wars.”

~ DUG.




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