Doctor Who – Untitled 2008 JK Rowling Christmas Special


Then Doctor Who show-runner had an idea for the 2008 Christmas Special which would have guest starred JK Rowling and the Harry Potter universe. What would have happened and what actually did?


Doctor Who about an alien who goes by the name The Doctor and who travels through time and space in a British police box. It first showed in 1963 making it the longest running series, the initial series running until 1989 (making it the longest continually running Science Fiction series ever at 26 years) and relaunched again in the same continuity in 2005. In 2004, the man who brought it back, Russell T Davies asked JK Rowling to write an episode but she declined, being busy writing the sixth Harry Potter book at the time.


While considering the 2008 Christmas Special, and especially a guest star as famous as Kylie Minogue, (who had guest starred in the 2007 Christmas Special) for as he believed (according to “Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale”), “she’s the only name in the world bigger than Kylie right now” (Kylie Minogue was an Australia soap actress and pop star who was famous in Australia & Britain during the 80s but never had the US success she craved.) Davies asked Julie Gardner to arrange a meeting with Rowling.


Davis states in “The Writer’s Tale” that the story would be:

“A cold Edinburgh Christmas Eve. J.K.Rowling walking through the snow, pursued by a journalist. “What are you going to write after Harry Potter?” The diffcult second album…Later, J.K. sits down to write. At the same time, a Space Bug (maybe the same as Donna’s time-psych creature in 4.11), probably put there by the Rita Skeeter-type journalist, leaps onto her back. ZAP! J.K.’s imagination becomes real! A world of Victorian magic replaces the present-day world. The Doctor arrives and has to battle through a world of witches and wizards, with wands and spells and CGI wonders, to reach J.K. Rowling at the heart of it all… ”


Then Doctor David Tennant didn’t like the idea, saying it sounded more like a parody. Davies wondered whether to let go of the idea or try to win Tennant around, and Julie was still unable to get him a meeting with Rowling. Davies, obviously, decided to go with the idea that had been going around in his head of Cybermen in the snow in Victorian London, and so made “The Next Doctor”.

~ DUG.

Originally Posted 19/12/2013

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