THE STAR WARS (Original 1973 treatment)


The Star Wars: Story Synopsis

In the spring of 1973, George Lucas wrote a treatment for a movie called “The Star Wars” which he submitted to United Artists on the 7th May of that year.


The 33rd Century, a princess from the planet Ophuchi, and her general, Luke Skywalker, crash on the planet Aquilae and, disguised as farmers, capture two bickering Imperial bureaucrats.  Eventually they meet ten boy rebels who join their group.

They escape the planet, but after a space battle crash again this time on the planet Yavin.  The princess is captured and taken to Alderaan, the capitol planet of the Empire.   A rescue mission is launch and she is freed and they all return to Ophuchi.


Online Copy.


“The general, one of the bureaucrats, and one of the
boys, venture into a shabby cantina on the outskirts
of the space port, looking for the rebel contact who
will help them get a spacecraft. The murky little
den is filled with a startling array of weird and
erotic Aliens laughing and drinking at the bar. The
bureaucrat and the boy are both terrified as the general
orders two drinks and questions the bartender about
the rebel contact man. A group of bullies begin to
taunt and ridicule the boy. Skywalker attempts to avoid
a confrontation, but worse comes to worse, and he is
forced to fight. With a flash of light, his lazer
sword is out. An are lies on the ground, one of the
bullies lies double, slashed from chin to groin and
Skywalker, with quiet dignity, replaces his sword in
its sheath. The entire fight has lasted a matter of


United Artists rejected the treatment on the 29th of May, due to the $3 million projected budget.


The treatment was offered to Twentieth Century Fox on 13th of July, who accepted the film.  Lucas completed the first draft in May 1974.

~ DUG.

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