Doctor Who – “Hex”


The Doctor gets engaged.

In 1982, producer John Nathan-Turner was looking to leave Doctor Who, and looked to Hazel Adair and Peter Ling to recreate their 1962 – 1965 “avarice” soap Compact.  The continuation (to be called Impact) would have cashed in on the success of Dallas and Dynasty,  but was shelved by the BBC and Nathan-Turner was “persuaded to stay” on as producer until Doctor Who’s eventual cancellation in 1989 (and was paid until August 1990.



As a result of the collaboration and the failure of Impact, John Nathan-Turner offered Hazel Adair and Peter Ling the chance to write a 6-part serial for season 21 and “Hex” was commissioned on the 12th July 1983 as a story for the Fifth Doctor and Peri.


The story was reduced to a 4 episode serial.  Then it became a story for the Sixth Doctor and Peri, for season 22.  As season 22 episodes were 45 minutes long instead


of the previous 25 minutes and the serial became a 2 parter.


The Doctor traces the disappearances of the Earth’s greatest minds to the planet

Hexagora where Queen Zafia claims they are needed to save the planet from spiraling away from their sun.  Zafia agrees to the Doctor’s plan to save the planet, but only if he marries her.  Meanwhile, Peri discovers that the Hexagorans are bee-like creatures taking the forms of kidnapped humans to infiltrate  Earth.



Script editor Eric Saward became less and less impressed with the script as it developed.


In 2011, Paul Finch adapted “Hex” into a Big Finish audioplay called “Hexagora“, the second episode of the third series of their Doctor Who: The Lost Stories releases.  The story featured The Fouth Doctor, Tegan & Nyssa.

~ DUG.

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