Diamond Dead

Walking Dead week

An unmade film about a Zombie Rock Band.

In 2004 George A Romero (Night of the Living Dead), Richard Hartley (Rocky Horror Picture Show) and Brain Cooper pitched Diamond Dead to Ridley & Tony Scott’s Scott Free Productions to be directed by Romero, written by Cooper with music by Hartley.


A young woman wants to join a small-time as their lead singer, but ends up killing them.  She makes a deal with death bring them back as cannibalistic zombies and the band become a huge success.


Romero claims “They didn’t get this. It’s about a dead rock band. Nobody got it. So it sort of blew away.”[1]  Romero moved on to working in 2005’s Land of the Dead.


In 2008, a stage musical based on Cooper’s script was the the winner of the 2008 Capital Fringe Festival Best Musical Pick of The Fringe.[2]


[1]  Movies Online.ca

[2]  IMDb

~ DUG.

Walking Dead

Zombie Week

The Walking Dead returns 9 Feb 14

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