THE STAR WARS (Original 1973 treatment)


The Star Wars: Story Synopsis

In the spring of 1973, George Lucas wrote a treatment for a movie called “The Star Wars” which he submitted to United Artists on the 7th May of that year.

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Gene Roddenberry’s GENESIS II (Failed 1973 Pilot)

GR Genesis II title

The first failed PAX pilot by Gene Roddenberry.


Although Star Trek had been cancelled in 1969, it had great ratings in syndication and by 1972 was considered a cult hit.  Gene Roddenberry was in demand again and created a pilot for Warner Bros & CBS…

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Doctor Who – “Hex”


The Doctor gets engaged.

In 1982, producer John Nathan-Turner was looking to leave Doctor Who, and looked to Hazel Adair and Peter Ling to recreate their 1962 – 1965 “avarice” soap Compact.  The continuation (to be called Impact) would have cashed in on the success of Dallas and Dynasty,  but was shelved by the BBC and Nathan-Turner was “persuaded to stay” on as producer until Doctor Who’s eventual cancellation in 1989 (and was paid until August 1990.

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Diamond Dead

Walking Dead week

An unmade film about a Zombie Rock Band.

In 2004 George A Romero (Night of the Living Dead), Richard Hartley (Rocky Horror Picture Show) and Brain Cooper pitched Diamond Dead to Ridley & Tony Scott’s Scott Free Productions to be directed by Romero, written by Cooper with music by Hartley.


A young woman wants to join a small-time as their lead singer, but ends up killing them.  She makes a deal with death bring them back as cannibalistic zombies and the band become a huge success.


Romero claims “They didn’t get this. It’s about a dead rock band. Nobody got it. So it sort of blew away.”[1]  Romero moved on to working in 2005’s Land of the Dead.


In 2008, a stage musical based on Cooper’s script was the the winner of the 2008 Capital Fringe Festival Best Musical Pick of The Fringe.[2]


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