UNMADE SF – Index of Unmade Things




  • DIAMOND DEAD – Unmade George A Romero film about a zombie rock band. [DIAMOND DEAD]
  • Dr. Who – a series proposal by CE Webber for the BBC in 1963 which was later developed in Doctor Who.  Episodes include “Nothing at the End of the Lane” and “The Giants” [DOCTOR WHO – Concept & Development]
  • DUNE – An adaptation of the Frank Herbert novel, first attempted by Arthur P Jacobs.  [Arthur P Jacob’s DUNE]


  • FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH – Unmade sequel to FREDDY VS JASON, bringing the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness franchise into the combined A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th Franchises.  [Freddy vs JASON vs ASH]


  • GENESIS II – Failed Gene Roddenberry pilot about Dylan Hunt and PAX on a post apocalyptic Earth.  [Gene Roddenberry’s GENESIS II (Failed 1973 pilot)]
  • “The Giants” (Dr. Who episode) – proposed serial be CE Webber following the initial episode “Nothing at the End of the Lane”, with the characters exploring the time travel machine, not aware it can time travel and accidentally shrinking themselves. [DOCTOR WHO – Concept & Development]
  • “The Giants” (Doctor Who episode) – a 4 part reworking of the Dr. Who proposal for the first season of Doctor Who, but was scrapped when it was decided that the props would be too expensive.  Later reworked again as “Planet of the Giants”, eventually aired in season 2. [DOCTOR WHO – Concept & Development]
  • GREEN HORNET (Kevin Smith script) – a proposed film of the radio serial character from around 2004, later released as a comic book.  [Kevin Smith’s GREEN HORNET]




  • JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL – A film based on DC Comics’s Justice League commissioned in 2007.  [JUSTICE LEAGUE: Mortal]


  • K-9 & Company – A Doctor Who spin-off which didn’t make it past a pilot. [K-9 & Company]




  • “Robot’s Return” (Genesis II episode) – A proposed episode for Genesis II, about a probe to Jupiter which returns and thinks NASA’s Dylan Hunt is its god.  Later used for the Star Trek: Phase II pilot which became Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  [Gene Roddenberry’s GENESIS II (Failed 1973 Pilot)]


    1. a treatment/draft script submitted by Gene Roddenberry to Paramount in 1975.  [STAR TREK II (aka Star Trek: The God Thing)]
    2. a planned revival of the original Star Trek series that never got made.  [STAR TREK II (aka Star Trek: Phase II)]


  • The Troubleshooters – a series proposed by CE Webber for the BBC in 1963, about a small group of troubleshooters brought in to solve SF style problems.  Elements and thinking went into his Dr. Who proposal.  [DOCTOR WHO – Concept & Development]



  • X-MEN ORIGINS: MAGNETO – a proposed prequel to The X-Men franchise, superseded by X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.  [X-MEN ORIGINS: Magneto]

~ DUG.


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